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Kentucky Claims Association History

The Association has roots in an earlier Association of the same name.  Sometime in the early fall of 1965 and organizational meeting was held, leading to the formal organization of the original Kentucky Claims Association on November 27, 1965 at Stouffer's Inn in Louisville, KY.  The first state convention was then held the second week of May 1966 at the Kentucky Hotel in Louisville, KY.  Second and Third conventions were held the following years (1967 & 1968) at the same time and place.  Convention plans for 1969 never became reality, due to the lack of interest and participation.

There began some talk of reorganizing the old State Association as early at 1974-1975, but nothing came of it until Wednesday, September 16, 1981 when representatives of each of the six existing Regional Claims Associations met at Pine Valley Golf and Country Club in Elizabethtown, KY to discuss the possibility of forming a new State Association. Jim Cutrer, then President of the Southern Kentucky Claims Association in Bowling Green, KY, was elected to serve as acting Chairperson of the organizational committee.  Those present at the first organizational meeting were:
David Brown, Western Companies, Lexington
Harry Lane, Sentry Companies, Lexington
J.R. McDuffee, Ohio Casualty, Lexington
Ken Duke, St. Paul Companies, Louisville
Chuck Wagner, AAA, Louisville
Doug Higgs, Kentucky Farm Bureau, Elizabethtown
Ernie Davenport, Crawford & Company, Bowling Green
Rusty Shaefer, Westfield Companies, Bowling Green
Jim Cutrer, Kentucky Farm Burearu, Bowling Green
Terry Thomas, Ohio Casualty, Owensboro
Howard R. Tatum, Ohio Casualty, Owensboro
Bob Hart, Ohio Casualty, Paducah
Harry Clinard, Clinard Claims Services, Paducah

Subsequent monthly meetings were held in Elizabethtown through December 1981.  At these meetings, the new State Association was formulated and plans began for a State Convention in the Spring.  On Wednesday, January 6, 1982, the new Board of Directors met at the Executive Inn in Owensboro, KY and began firming up the convention plans.  New State Associations officers were elected and it was agreed to formally incorporate as a non-profit corporation. A rough draft of the Constitution, By-laws and Code of Ethics was formulated, using the former association's as a model.  The new Constitution, By-laws and Code of Ethics were formally adopted at the regular board meeting on Wednesday, Feburary 17, 1982 in Bowling Green, KY.

The KCA was awarded a corporate charter as a non-profit corporation on November 1, 1982.
Regional Claims Associations
Bluegrass Claims Association
Servicing Lexington & East Kentucky
Contact: The BGCA at
Central Kentucky Claims Association
Servicing Elizabethtown and Immediate Surrounding Area
Contact: Jeremy Mann
Northern Kentucky Claims Association:
Servicing Northern Kentucky
Contact: David Meisner
Southern Kentucky Claims Association
Servicing Bowling and Immediate Area
Contact: Daniel Rogers
West Kentucky Adjusters Association
Servicing Owensoboro and Immediate Surrounding Area
Contact: Curt Clements